About Claudia

It is a joy and a privilege to mentor young adults during the transition from high school to college. It is an opportunity to help them bring their goals one step closer to reality. My independent practice offers me a chance to know students well and watch them develop over a period of time. As an award-winning Career Specialist with over eight years of experience in a large public high school, and over 16 years working in education, I have provided guidance to thousands of students with the college selection, application, and admission process. My goal is to encourage students to consider a wide variety of options, research them thoroughly, build a reasonable list, and complete strong, timely, applications. I assist in the design of customized plans for students from diverse socio-economic, cultural, and learning abilities populations. My education includes a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a minor in honors humanities. I attend, and participate as a speaker, in regional and national conferences for college admissions professionals.  I  personally visit colleges all over the united states. Each year I attend events put on by admissions professionals from many universities to keep updated on new programs, scholarships and requirements. I enjoy the opportunity to network with admissions officers and learn current trends regarding the application review and selection process. Volunteering for the College Success Foundation as a College Goal Mentor, being a guest speaker for local PTSA groups, and making custom birthday cakes for children housed at Echo Glen Children’s Center are ways I give back to my community. It is the highlight of my professional career to see post high school plans turn into continuing education or training toward personal growth and career goals!