High School and College Planning

High School Planning

The high school years are rich with incredible opportunities. A College Plan is here to assist in the development of obtainable, interest-focused goals. By blending course selection, volunteering, and extracurricular activities the student is mentored to thrive in high school. This builds a strong resume and solid understanding of their interests and future goals. All of this enhances their college applications.

College Selection and Application

There are no tricks in the college admissions process. Carefully selecting an appropriate list of choices based on academic, social, and financial needs and mentoring the student toward developing strong applications are the keys to a successful outcome. Emphasis is placed on “best fit” resulting in a college experience that offers an appropriate balance of challenges and comfort. Each step of the selection and application process is carefully monitored to ensure a selection of colleges to choose from and the likelihood of great match which leads to successful completion of a college degree.