“Junior year of high school, one of the most stressful and critical times of a student’s life, would have been impossible for me to manage without the mentorship and guidance provided by Claudia Cote. When it came time to choosing colleges she took the time to examine: my grades, SAT scores, high school classes, what type of college I am looking for, and my major choice. By analyzing these results, Claudia helped me find the universities that would meet my needs. In addition, by editing my personal statement and resume she helped ensure my college application packet was articulate, enabling it to stand out among the stacks of applications. Dedicated, personable, and knowledgeable, she gave me the confidence necessary to complete my applications and to get into the school of my dreams. I would recommend her to anyone!” N.B. client

“Best of all, My husband and I could be removed from the role of task master allowing us the opportunity to focus on the bigger picture of helping the kids think about what type of school would be the best fit for their personality and goals.”   N.L. parent of two A College Plan clients

“Working with Claudia was easy and a joy. Claudia helped me turn my resume into something that felt more like me – not just some generic document. Claudia’s suggestions were clear and made sense. Claudia is super nice, but not afraid to push you to figure it out for yourself. Let’s just say my old resume wasn’t working, and my new one did. Claudia was very helpful; I would recommend her to anyone.”  T.K. client

“Thank you for all your help with the college application process.  You’ve been instrumental and provided much stress relief for us parents.” parent

“When it was time for me to apply for college I was lost. No one in my family had gone to college so we had no idea really how to apply. Luckily Claudia was there to help us out. She met with me a couple times a week and guided me through the process.” M.I. client

“I just wanted to thank you for all the help you have given me in my college application process.  I can easily say that the last few months have been some of the most stressful so far in my life.  Thank you for your help on my essays, and giving me such personal and thorough advice.  I have already heard back from and been accepted to three.  They have invited me to their honors programs and I even received a number of scholarship notifications. I would not have been able to do it without your help!” K.M. client

“PLU was one of her stretch schools, but you encouraged her tremendously and told her to “go for it”, and that you thought it would be a good fit!  She was accepted and now she is super excited and motivated to have a positive experience there.  She received scholarships too which was an added bonus!” J.O. client

“During the college application process Claudia helped me set out a timeline of when each application was due and when I should be done writing my admissions essays. Claudia helped me personalize each essay for each school I applied to. In the end I got into the school I wanted. I honestly could not have gotten into college without the help of Claudia, she helped me so much. She really knows what she is doing, I would recommend her services to everyone I know that is applying to college.” M.I. client

“Your recommendations and communications with our son about college planning and next steps were perfect and exactly what we needed to hear.” C.B.parent

“The questions you asked our child were very helpful. They got all of us thinking in a new way and will help him hone in on some things that are important to him. He now has a better plan for spring and summer breaks.” L.G. parent

“Claudia’s help in dealing with the college application and selection process was hugely valuable for me; from helping me choose the right topics for my application essays, to taking me on campus visits, to asking of me the tough questions about what I really wanted out of the school of my choice, she was a source of encouragement, insight, and support through the whole process.” T.L. client

“Claudia is knowledgeable and dedicated to helping people. She goes the extra mile to pursue any avenue you might have available and helps you realize what your options are. I can’t thank her enough for always helping me and giving me hints to help get the job done!” T.D. client

“Meeting with Claudia has given me a burst of confidence and focus that I so greatly needed.” K.T.client